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Athletes and very physically active individuals are the people most likely to suffer an mcl sprain, a common injury to the knee also known as a Medial Collateral Ligament Injury. The pain encountered after an mcl sprain is usually severe enough to limit walking on that leg and requires prompt mcl sprain treatment.

The first step in treating this type of injury is to get an examination by a healthcare professional and possibly an X-ray to ensure that there is no damage to the inside of the knee that may require surgery. Once home, treatment should continue by resting the knee and not placing any weight or stress on the leg. That means discontinuing the regular daily routine and avoiding all sports activities as well. For additional support of the knee joint, wear a knee brace or elastic bandage to provide as much support to the joint as possible during the healing process.

Depending upon the severity of the mcl sprain, physical therapy may be recommended, along with a series of exercises that must be done on a daily basis for several weeks while the knee joint regains its strength.

One of the best mcl sprain treatments is the use of herbal formulas designed to restore normal blood flow and fluid circulation throughout the knee area during the healing process. Herbal liniments can be applied by the patient himself and are safe to use for long periods of time, which happens quite often for severe sprain injuries.

Ancient Chinese warriors and Shaolin monks were among the first to know about special herbal liniments that could be topically applied to sprains in order to relieve pain, increase healing blood circulation and reduce uncomfortable swelling.

When pain, swelling and inflammation are addressed by herbal therapies, knee tissues regenerate much more quickly.

As a result, the patient enjoys a much faster return to regular daily activity. Although much of Europe and Asia has known about and used these amazing herbal remedies to treat sprain injuries, they are still unknown and unused throughout much of the United States. Fortunately, Sinew Therapeutics is making these amazing herbal liniments available to sprain sufferers. For more information, check out their website at

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